Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Lovely old homes and beautiful landscapes...

This is one of my favourite homes in the valley. It is so french country ...something you would see in the south of France. Today I had to stop and photograph it. Charming, old and just beautiful!

Lovely landscaping and look at the fence painted a striking black. The gardens already look good and it's still winter.

This is a newer home but has been built with charm and character. The stone wall really makes the setting.

Another one of my favourite homes here. The valley has some

lovely old stucco homes. It's like coming across a hidden jewel

when you spot one.

Taking a scenic drive along Maple Bay. Hard to believe it is only the beginning of March. Back home everyone is still freezing and buried under mounds of snow!

My husband and I took our dog Pilot for a wonderful hike up Mt. Tzouhalem. The weather was fantastic! Warm and sunny and not a soul in sight. Such majestic views. These trees have been here for hundreds of years. So many different paths to explore on the mountain.

Pilot is a true working breed she loves the trails!

The sheep have had their spring haircuts.

As I was taking photos this adorable rabbit came out of nowhere.
What a perfect way to end this post!


  1. That first house you posted with the blue trim in the windows, is that on Herd Rd? or Maple Bay Rd? Boy it looks familiar! If you go in behind the police station off of Canada ave i believe there is a grand house in there. it used to be really neat but that was 10 years ago and i dont know what shape it is in now. my friend looked at buying is below tucked away between the cop shop and that GRAND old duncan elementary.....

  2. The house is on Maple Bay road and I just love it!!

  3. Blogger hates me! I tried leaving comments every time I have to create a new account...frustrating! Love those houses and their gardens! Beautiful! Those I wish we had them here!

  4. Those houses are beautiful, especially the first one. I agree it looks very french. Your mission, should you chose to accept it, is to give us photo up-dates of that garden during the spring and summer. I bet it is gorgeous. What a fantastic place to live.

  5. Absolutely lovely photo gallery ... the homes are spectacular and the views breathtaking. Thanks for sharing them


  6. Wow, all these photos are so pretty. Glad I found your blog!


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