Thursday, March 25, 2010

Memories of a beach house...

When we were building our home in Ridgeway , Ontario we had the pleasure of renting this beautiful beach house in Crystal Beach which is right on Lake Erie. The home is in the Crystal Beach Yacht Club which is a gated community of beach homes. These are not your average little cottages. They are gorgerous mini summer estates that are mostly owned by U.S. citizens. Our beach home is owned by a lovely family from Atlanta and the woman is a interior designer.

If you notice the chandelier is made of tiny sea shells.

Take a look at the iron palm tree lamps. There is a real beach theme in this house.

This was the guest bedroom which has its own balcony facing the street.

The homes are all in pastel colours. Very much like Florida.

This was a sunroom off the master bedroom that looked out to Lake Erie. When you sat on the couch it looked like you were over top of the water. This was our favourite room. I did alot of reading here.

Look at this gorgerous mirror! And her window treatments where so whimsy.

I felt like a princess while staying here. It was a great experience and everyday felt like
I was on vacation.
Hope you enjoyed the tour!


  1. Beautiful beach cottage! What amazing decor! Love it~ thank you for sharing! ~lulu

  2. I did truly enjoy this scenic beach house tour! Just wanted you to know yours is one of the blogs I featured today on Welcome Wagon Friday (didn't see your email address).

  3. My goodness gracious girl! I was JUST walking there last summer..LOL..When I saw the pic, at first I thought,, geez that looks familiar..LOL

    We are located in Welland..and my husband is originally from BC..What a blessing to have stumbled across your blog...

  4. What a luxery! How could you leave?

  5. Hi Pamela!

    I came via Cozy Little house where your blog was featured. And what a great blog you have. I love the home you rented. absolutely stunning. I would have lived in that sunroom and the kitchen has now become my dream kitchen! ;-)

    I hope you had loads of fun on your vacation. We visited Vancouver last spring and had a wonderful time. We stayed in a gorgeous rental home in Kitsilano that was filled with beautiful antiques. On a hill, it looked over much of the town. We had a fabulous time.

    Have a happy weekend, Pamela!


  6. Just wanted to visit and say hi. I found your blog from The Cozy Little House. It looks so beautiful where you live, and I love your photos!

  7. Brenda from Cozy Little House sent me over to welcome you to Blog Land! My parents both grew up in the suburbs of Cleveland, Ohio, so I have visited Lake Erie from the opposite side of the lake with my grandparents. Those cottages look so inviting. Welcome to our blogging community!

    Susan and Bentley

  8. That was a lovely house you got to rent. Was it furnished as well? I would love to live by a body of water (preferably the ocean) at some point in my life. You were very lucky.

  9. Thank you everyone for all the lovey wonderful compliements!

    Yes this home was completely furnished and it was a dream to stay here.

  10. Pamela, I don't know why I can't find your email address but anyway I can't. I wanted to let you know that I'm awarding you the Sunshine Award and there is a little tribute to you and your blog on my blog

  11. I remember the wonderful steak bbq we had at your "summer home". Great memories! it really was a treat for us.

  12. Pamela,
    I found your sweet blog from Cozy Little House. That is one wonderful mirror! I look forward to following you. Drop by for a visit anytime, it's nice to meet new friends.

  13. Everyone tells me to check out Crystal Beach but I never get a chance to.

    -Zane of ontario honey


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