Monday, March 29, 2010

Making the Kitchen pretty!

After three months of living in our little rental home I decided I had enough of the dirty green walls and fake tile wallpaper. I can transform this I said. It will be nothing I told my husband. Well I started peeling the vinyl paper off the wall and before I knew it I was pulling off another layer of painted over old paper. As I continued to peel I came to the back board. Things were starting to get ugly. This was not going well and I was starting something that was going to be more work and money than I planned. How was I going to fix this mess the easiest and cheapest way possible? Things always seem to have a way of working out in the funniest ways.
Did I mention my mother in law is the queen of thirfting? Honestly I could not believe my luck. She had stashed away two double rolls of simple green paper!! She paid exactly two dollars a roll! After spending two days painting she came over and helped me put up the paper. It looks fresh and wonderful. I still can't believe it! The back board under the painted paper. The fake vinyl tile. Isn't it horrid?

The pretty paper next to my lovely curtains.

The cupboards are old but at least they are white.

My very old paragon sweet pea lunch plates now stand out over the stove.

I was so happy to hang my beautiful pink curtains. Unfortunately I can't take down the ugly mini blinds so I just pull them all the way up during the day.

Now all I need to add is a drippy chandelier...hmm... I wonder if my husband
would go for it?


  1. Wow, that green wallpaper really saved the day. It's looking pretty homey.

  2. your kitchen is not bad at all! i need to get me a thrifting mother. The wallpaper is really good. nice and nuetral. your kitchen looks great. and i have never heard of your plates you will need to fill me in.

    i wish i could see your curtains close up they look neat.

  3. PS I REALLY LIKE the black stripe with the pink in your curtains!

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  5. I love how the paper worked with the painted white walls. great job! your place looks cosy.

  6. I love your tall white pitcher on your kitchen counter. I've been shopping eBay for one like that. I'm glad she saved the day. I've been there. Taking off wallpaper and finding yuk!


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