Friday, February 19, 2010

A day in Cowichan Bay

This is something you don't see back home in Eastern Canada...out door market in the winter. I get all my fresh fruit and produce here every Friday. Wonderful market with lots of variety.

This is one of the very last one lane bridges in Cowichan Station. Really cool! You feel like you have gone back in time. My husband has been taking me all over Cowichan Valley. There is so much to see. Hidden gems await me at every turn. It will definitely take a year before we can decide where to settle down. Until then we are having so much fun sight seeing and just exploring.

My poor Sam got a very bad sprain at school. We had so many things planned for the weekend and then his mishap. He has been such a good sport about the whole thing never complaining even when he's been in alot of pain. He sees the doctor again in a weeks time hopefully there is not alot of damage. We are going to Disney Land for March break something he has been looking forward to for a very long time.

We will just have to get him a wheelchair if he is not healed properly...but then that means first in line...doesn't it?!

This is the Bay where my husband Raymond learned how to fish. He is really happy and grateful that I agreed to move back to his hometown. Everyday I see more things to love and learn about.

I have been living on Vancouver Island for about two months now and the culture shock is starting to ware off. This is the middle of February and I just can't believe the weather. To think just last winter I was walking Pilot in freezing temperatures , tons of snow fighting a bone chilling wind accompanied by grey skies. It really is wonderful to be living in area with a mild climate. Waking up every morning I expect to see a snow covered ground instead I hear birds singing, the sun is shining and so much green everywhere. I feel very blessed to be able to have this experience.

Happy Weekend Everyone! Thanks for visiting...Pamela xo


  1. It is so pretty there. I think I would move there if my husband asked. Your son is a trooper to move schools, as that is always what has held us to the GTA. Every time we travel, my hubby and I look at each other and one of us will say "why is it we live where we do?". There are just so many places more interesting than suburbia around Toronto. Good luck with the sprained ankle, by the way.

  2. Pam, Our winter isn't difficult to get use to is it? Just wait until you see the streets lined with Cherry Blossoms. The blossoms are out in full in Victoria so they should be out here just about any day now.I hope you found the Udder Guy Ice cream shoppe in Cowichan Bay.



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