Saturday, August 13, 2011


Apples !!! I love apples! My very favourite fruit...Pilot's too! Everyday i eat an apple...
right at 3pm too. There is a beautiful apple tree beside our courtyard and it is over loaded
with these lovely green apples. I don't know about eating them but i just had to bring
them in the house for display.

I love this shade of green.

Too pretty to be left outside!

I am now on a five day stretch of son is camping with a friend and his family

so i didn't feel guilty about spending what little time i have this weekend doing a post.

Hope to catch up with all you soon!

Pamela xo


  1. Beautiful! Maybe you could make a pie with those.
    Have a good work week. I'm glad to be finally be enjoying a couple days off!

  2. new profile photo...
    Your expression is priceless and you are adorable!

    I love apples too! After all I'm from the "apple state" of faves are Pink Ladies and the ever tart and beautiful green Granny Smith's!

    That chartreus chair is amazing!

    Mr D and I are headed for the farmer's market...hmmmm, now what's on my mind? Pamela has inspired me to make an apple pie!

    Have a lovely weekend. Thanks for taking the time to share and inspire!

  3. Hi Pamela,
    GORGEOUS photos!! I love the apples in the galvanized can, so pretty. And I LOVE that green velvet vintage chair. Your home looks so beautiful!!
    Hope your having a glorious weekend.

  4. Oh pamela they are that greent oo!
    Oh hope the work week goes quickly but that you also have some time for quiet and for yourself to just relax xo
    Love your new photo!

    Deborah xoxo

  5. fabulous post! love it.....xoxo, tracie

  6. Gorgeous shade of green for sure!

  7. These lend a wonderful French farmhouse feel to your gorgeous photos. Lovely chair!

  8. Hi Pamela,
    I am so glad you took the time to post! I have been trying to get a job at a NEW Safeway store that is opening not far from my house. It seems to without luck though, I would so love to work just 12 hours a week, though, and it's so handy. I applied for five different positions and they are hiring 67 people. I have not heard from them, boohoo.
    Oh well.
    Your apples are lovely! They look a whole lot better than mine do. I love the color, are they soft enough to eat?
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. Hi Pamela, your photos are absolutely gorgeous!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  10. Great shots, Pamela and styling. I am impressed.

  11. The apples are absolutely gorgeous, they look like a painting. Can you even believe that beautiful green!


  12. Pamela, these are such beautiful green apples and you captured them beautifully in your lovely bathroom. Love the green chair by the way. :-) The apples look like Granny Smith. Do you dare eat one? I'm glad you had an enjoyable day off. Blessings and hugs. Pamela

  13. What a beautiful post Pamela! Your pictues are just so gorgeous and I am so drooling over that green chair too! Good for you for eating an apple every day at 3 know what they apple a day keeps the doctor away! Have a wonderful weekend! Angie xo

  14. apples already! They certainly are beautiful. Makes me excited for fall, my favourite time of the year.

  15. What a pretty vignette you have created! I love that shade of green and so glad you moved a branch inside! Bringing the outdoors in is a great thing to make the day happy!!

  16. Pamela- I love this post. I love the bright, crisp green color of apples off the tree. So much better than anything you find in the market. I am glad you son is camping which gave you a bit of time for yourself. God bless you-and love to you- xo Diana

  17. lovely! where did you get that chair?

  18. Green apples are a favorite of mine, too. They are so cheerful...for eating or using as decor! You created quite a happy moment with yours. : )
    Hoping to visit your side of Niagara this winter. I hear it is breathtaking when frozen up there.
    Have fun during this time for yourself. : )


  19. Dreamy, gorgeous, lucious green apples!
    Picture perfect, Pamela.
    Love it.

  20. What lovely photos, Pamela! I can hardly wait to get apples from our trees!

  21. Gorgeous shots..and gorgeous new picture of you too...pretty gal!

  22. What beautiful green apples! They are my favourite type to eat too - I love that slightly sour taste and they give one excellent cheekbones while eating LOL! That green velvet chair is gorgeous. Is it new - I dont think you've shown us before. Lovely styling as usual! x Sharon

  23. These green apples look terrific in beside that chair and your tub! Very nice! We have an apple tree in our backyard and the apples are turning a bright red. Sadly, we don't get to eat too many off them. The birds all peck holes into them and they rot before we can even pull any off to eat! Oh well.

    Good luck with your stretch of work. You will enjoy your day off when it comes!

    xo Catherine

  24. Pamela, do tell about the chair! I love that granny green velvet chair...

  25. Beautiful shots Pamela, you're right that is a lovely shade of green. I'm glad you had time to post.

  26. ...Stunning striking vignette...Thanks for sharing Pam...

  27. So gorgeous...the perfect compliment to that dreamy chair!


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo