Saturday, August 20, 2011

Coombs, British Columbia

There is a little town here on Vancouver Island called Coombs. It is such a delight to visit.
About a lovely hour's drive from home. It was the perfect day to go.
I had to share with you this fabulous Italian restaurant. The building is so out of character
for the West Coast. This building looks like something from Europe. No contemporary, west coast design with plank siding. Just pure stucco gorgeousness!!
Enjoy the photos of this captivating building!! This staircase leads to the upstairs of the building which sells awesome chinese furniture..

The side entrance to the restaurant...
There are lots of little shops on this street. Next to the restaurant is a garden store

all these plants and statues are for sale...

The outside terrace. This is where we dined. All around the terrace are bushes of lavender.

The front entrance to the restaurant... Cuckoos it is called. Great Italian food!
Antique shops in Coombs...
The famous market that has an outdoor restaurant. Now look closely at the roof

it has grass on it... you know why?

Goats live on the top of the roof! This is what Coombs is known for "GOATS on the roof! "
It was a wonderful day off and i can't wait to go back!

Pamela xo


  1. Goats on the roof! :)
    What a lovely, well deserved day you had!

  2. I had an amazing visit!!! Armchair, of course, but still amazing! Thank you for showing me places I would never see otherwise!

  3. Isn't it a wonderful place, I love visiting it every time I am on the Island and have time to waste, it is such a fun place to see.
    That restaurant is fabulous, was that in Coombs, too?
    Did I tell you that I used to live in Coombs on one of the roads that leaves the highway not far from the store. A bunch of hippies lived there then, I wander if the same type of people live there now.
    Have a wonderful weekend.
    Hugs, Cindy

  4. Pamela...this is gorgeous! I'd love to take a trip here and find the restaurant...I know you had a marvelous time! Goats on the roof!! I love it! Beautiful pictures, too. I'm so glad you had a lovely day!


  5. What a pretty restaurant! I love Italian food. The exterior is a bit out of character isn't it? But, really attractive with the wrought iron detail. I love the grass roof with the goats! Really sweet! I hope you get to go back soon. Hugs, Pamela

  6. Hi Pamela,
    What a charming place!!! It does look like it came right out of a little place in Europe.
    Beautiful photos!
    Have a great weekend.

  7. love the goats! That restaurant looks great. What a nice day. We are still having the summer from hell. Dinner and a movie for us inside the AC!!!

  8. Beautiful little town. Goats on the roof, never heard of such a thing.

  9. What a great looking town. I love it. British Columbia is just such a beautiful place. One of my best friends in life lives in Kelowna,BC and I was lucky enough to visit her several years ago. When you have a chance google Al Johnson's in Sister Bay, WI. It is about an hour from our house and it, too, has goats on the roof. People come from all over to visit there and the food is awesome! I didn't know there was another place like that anywhere~ xo Diana

  10. It looks lovely, thank you for sharing it. The building has been decorated so well, I love the large windows and doorway on the first photo with the vines creeping over the frame. Beautiful photos, sounds like a nice place to visit.

  11. Hi Pamela.......I had forgotten about Coombs and the goats on the roof. We visited there when we lived in the San Juans......It is always so nice when you take me down a trip on memory lane.



  12. Goats on the roof! How fun is that? Looks like a sweet little town!
    xo Catherine

  13. I remember hearing about goats on the roof on Vancouver Island, how funny! Were those the "fainting goats"? Coombs looks like such a cute place, and that restaurant looks awesome! You are right, you don't see many Italianate buildings here in the Pacific Northwest. Looks straight out of Tuscany!! Glad you are having fun and enjoying your time off!

  14. What a wonderful place! I love the goats on the roof, and that is my kind of unique antique store. Maybe I can visit there with you someday!

  15. Looks like such a fun day, Pamela! I loved seeing the goats!

  16. How fun! I would love to go to this magical place with goats on the roofs!

  17. Good Morning Pamela!
    Vancouver Island is such a beautiful place to live! Thank you for sharing your visit to Coombs. Your photographs of the villa are beautiful, and the goats on the roof?... just plain charm, fun and cuteness!

  18. Pamela,
    Sorry it took so long to come back to you. I clicked on your pretty pink rose, and it didn't have a link, so I didn't know who followed us. I just stumbled on you from Castles, Crowns, and Cottages. I am back to follow you, and I hope you are having a lovely Sunday.
    ~Sheri at Red Rose Alley

  19. Hi,I just found your blog thru The Shabby Chick. I am now a new follower.Your blog is just so pretty.

  20. love the grass on the roof. How much more pastoral and idyllic can you get? Thanks for the tour!

  21. Well. We were at Coombs this weekend, too. Not for long, just to get an ice cream cone, some vegetables and to show our house guests the goats on the roof! It's a fun place, all right.

  22. Goats on the roof - now I've seen everything!?! Coombs looks like a lovely place to visit. Hope you have a great week, my friend. x Sharon

  23. Not sure if you got my emails.. I'm sure you are busy.. But I wanted to stop by and tell you that you won my giveaway....Congrats... hope you are having a good start to a new week...

  24. That is a fairytale place right down to the goats on the that!

  25. Thank you so much for visiting my blog and your lovely comment.
    Love, Eliana

  26. Love your post. The goats made me laugh,sitting on the roof relaxing and people watching.

  27. I am so jealous - goats on the roof! That would be so cool. That does look like a great town to spend time in.

    And Happy Birthday!!!!

  28. oh my, this look wonderful. i can see lots of old trunks. and i cannot walk past old trunks, love them! and the goats, so sweet :)

  29. aw I just love Coombs! your photos are very lovely :)

  30. Now that's a first...goats on the roof! So wish I could visit, looks like an amazing place!

  31. simply beautifully captured shots...lovely!


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