Monday, January 3, 2011

My New teapot

One of my Christmas presents this year was a new teapot. Surprising that i received

this since the men in my household think i have way too much china!

I really did need a teapot though. My other one is too small and i gave my bigger

one away when i was moving.

This is the Eden's garden collection from Portmeirion. The design has fruit

all over it. I love anything with fruit on it.

With the teapot i got four matching cups. Perfect for a big cup of tea.

Lovely matching cream and sugar...

Would you like Chai or Darjeeling tea?


  1. That is a beautiful set...seriously beautiful. I am a sucker for fruit too. And the cups are just darling that match the teapot. Now...if it's not TOO much trouble...could I have coffee instead? I'll even bring my own Starbucks...cuz tea gives me a tummy Hugs-Diana

  2. Pamela, such a beautiful tea set. Love the pattern on that. I will take the darjeeling, please.

  3. lovely Pam--I thought it looked like Portmeirion china. My mother-in-law has quite a lot of it, and it's all lovely.

  4. What a gorgeous tea set, Pamela!! I love the design. I love leaf tea, Orange Pekoe is my favourite:) Enjoy your lovely new gift ~ Tina xx

  5. Those are delightful. Not only do I want tea but I also want a friggin bowl of fruit...nice going I think I need to go find a christmas orange asap.

    That is the best looking teapot I have seen in a long time.

  6. Pamela, Pamela,

    The same company that your teapot is made also made the ones that we bought for Kayti for Christmas. She is collecting the Crazy Daisy set.
    We got her a cake stand and a juice pitcher.

    she already has the teapot/cream/sugar and tea cups.


  7. Your new tea pot and cups are beautiful. I love the fruit on them. Your tea will taste better drunk from such lovely cups.

  8. I'm a darjelling lady myself.....and I must say that is one beautiful set!!



  9. Why I do believe I am in the mood for Chai tea today, thank you! I will bring some fresh baked scones! I love your new tea set Pamela!


  10. Oh, they're beautiful! Love all the color.

  11. Gorgeous. So gorgeous that I would be afraid to use it. I'll have my tea in a paper cup so I won't break anything.

  12. Oh i LOVE this tea set! Is that blackberries? My favorite! I like the larger cups too, I would like to have a set like this. What a nice Christmas surprise for you!

  13. Pamela, What a lovely blog you have! And I adore Portmeirion!
    I see you have two cups out... is one for me?

  14. This is a new Portmeirion pattern to me and it's definitely very pretty - somewhat like a contemporary version of their original. Very nice and I'll have the Darjeeling with a splash of milk please Pamela......I'll bring the shortbread biscuits with me, lol!!!

    Happy day - we have sunshine and 28 degrees but will warm up later, not bad!
    Hugs, Mary

  15. Don't you love teapots!!! And the new one is so pretty -- I do like the Portmeirion patterns -- they are all so pretty!

  16. That is adorable, and you can never have too many pieces of china. Especially such a beauty.

    Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams

  17. The combination of crisp white china with beautiful fruit on Portmeirion's "Eden's Garden" is beautiful. I would love to have a few pieces to dress up my white bistro ware.

    I'm sure any kind of tea will taste that much better being poured out of such a beautiful tea pot.

    Robin {xo}

  18. Thank you for your comment! What a lovely tea set! I am totally addicted to organic Chamomile lately... with a spoon of honey. I must drink 6 cups a day. I had to nix my French Press for now cause my baby would not sleep - even when I drank decaf but I had to have something warm to look forward to~

  19. How sweet when the men in our lives take the time to get us what we really like. So pretty. Enjoy your tea time, you deserve it! Love, Penny

  20. Oh Pamela, I love your new tea pot, cups, and cream and sugar... they are beautiful! Makes tea time that much more enjoyable! Hope your having a wonderful weekend!!!
    hugs~~~ Daphne

  21. lovely! i like the idea of fruit on tea pot sets and mugs. :)

  22. LOVE your new teapot! In fact, now I have teapot envy!! It's so lovely! Angie xo


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo