Monday, January 10, 2011

Winter in Niagara Falls

Hello everyone!!
I wanted to share with all of you winter time by the majestic Niagara Falls.
These lovely photos where taken by my girlfriend back home. She has kindly
given me permission to use them. She works down at the Parks so she is able
to get incredible shots of the Falls.

Please enjoy!!

The Canadian horseshoe falls...
This photo here is the American falls... theirs is smaller but still beautiful.

The Canadian horseshoe again...

So much mist comes off the falls that everything in the Parks freezes over.
Look at the ice on this tree!

This is my favourite bird. The red male cardinal. I have not seen one since I left
Ontario. I don't think they live here on Vancouver Island such a pity. They sing
such beautiful songs!

More amazing ice on the lamp posts.

(all photos by Cyndie MacKinnon)

I have always loved the old stone and iron fencing along the falls. This is a
perfect shot of it.

From this photo you can see the mist coming off the falls.

Hope you enjoyed the winter tour of Niagara Falls!
Much love and thanks to my girlfriend Cyndie for her superb photography
of the Falls!
Pamela xo


  1. Gorgeous photos. I love the one of the tree with the ice looking like it's blowing sideways. Wow.
    And the cardinal - oh, so pretty and bright in the winter landscape.
    Do you miss your Ontario home?

  2. One word..."MAGNIFICENT"..xx

  3. Wow Pamela, those are some gorgeous photos of the falls! It looks soooo cold! That's really cool how the ice forms on the trees and lamp post. Thank you for sharing these!

  4. Gorgeous!
    I kept thinking that the one I was looking at was so beautiful, and then another would come. My favorite is the tree, the bird and the iron.

    I especially love your new romantic.

  5. Pamela...... beautiful photos... while seeing them I am freezing:)........ very nice photography I am really enjoying ...

  6. Pamela, the Falls are a beautiful site no matter what season. I just love how it looks with the ice frozen on everything. Great pictures.

  7. Wow, I just came across your blog and it is just wonderful, oh so pretty! I am a new follower and plan on coming back often to visit... your pictures and house are beautiful! Have a wonderful week. Ps I am having a great give away over at my blog and would love for your to join in.

    The Gilded Cherub

  8. Those photos are amazing. I especially like the one of the iron railing with the sun shining on it. Cyndie should be a professional photog if she's not already.

  9. Beautiful pictures of the falls. We toured them in the summer of 1996 and they are amazing. I love the winter shots and all the iciness on everything though. Cyndie did a great job photographing them!

  10. I don't think it gets more scenic that that. Love the way the ice freezes to the side there. My husband was born in Niagara Falls.

  11. Pamela thank you so much for stopping by. These photos are just beeeauuuutiful. I get the chills just looking at them. Brrr...

  12. What fabulous photos! Cardinals are one of my favorite birds. I love your new header!

    ~ Tracy

  13. Happy New Year Pamela!! I love your new banner picture!! So pretty! The picture of the Falls are just incredible. I actually did get to see the falls in Winter 2 years ago and it was breathtaking! Angie xo

  14. Hi Pamela,
    Those photos are just exquisite!! I have always wanted to see Niagra Falls, and now after seeing these photos, I am even more anxious to see them.
    The Red Cardinal looks so beautiful with his red feathers against the bright white snow.
    Have a lovely day.

  15. These images are stunning! Winter has never looked so lovely. Thank you so much for posting them. I hope you are doing well. Take care, sweet Pamela.


  16. Fabulous pics of the falls - I've only visited in Summer when they look much different of course.

  17. Those are amazing photos of the Falls. I love the lamppost and tree covered in ice. I can see that your friend has access to views the general public don't, which makes some of those shots especially interesting.


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo