Thursday, January 20, 2011

My Pearl Magnolia style bedspread

Magnolia Pearl has to be one of my favourite designers out there. I swear
when i first saw her home and the clothes she designed i new i found another
kindred soul! I thought wow l love all this gypsy stuff because I have always been
a gypsy girl at heart. My idol since i was 9years old is Stevie Nicks and if Stevie has
not found Magnolia Pearl than someone better tell her about her stuff. It is total Stevie.

This is a photo out of Romantic Homes on the motor home Robin Brown of Magnolia
Pearl owns. It is so cool! I love all the colours and layers of different textures
and fabrics....sigh...
(photo courtesy of Romantic Homes)
Magnolia Pearl was first famous for her cool carpet bags made from old blankets.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I first saw one. I said to myself that carpet bag
material looks like the bedspread I have from my Italian grandmother!

Today I wanted to share with all of you another treasure of my grandmothers.
This velvet bedspread was so popular back in Italy. Thankfully grandma brought a
few with her when she moved here. This blanket she passed on to my mother who
then gave it to me.

I can remember so well as a little girl loving this bedspread and getting sooo excited

whenever my mother would bring it out of her cedar chest. I used to call it

my "naked babies blanket" and roll all over it!

As you can see there are angels in the design...

Sadly alot of the fringe has worn off.

I rarely use this as the colours are loud and i do prefer a calmer look in my


Do you see this round pillow on the bed? Pearl Magnolia has the same ones on

her bed...this was just recently purchased at the thrift shop!!! I also saw it

in my new book The French Inspired Home...alot has to be said for this thrift shopping!

Thanks for visiting !

Pamela xo


  1. Pamela, that is so totally cool that you have so many lovely things from your grandma that you remember from your childhood! How do you ever find room to store everything? I could really get in to that kind of motor home too!

  2. I think Pearl is an amazing designer. How sweet that you have such wonderful things from your grandmother.

  3. wow I need to go check her out, and even if you find it loud it brings back childhood memories and a heritage that many of us don't have ...we need to thrift to find others heritages that they don't appreciate!

  4. I've never hear of Pearl Magnolias until now...the bedroom is gorgeous! So is your bedspread. You really have so many pretty things!


  5. I love Magnolia Pearl's gypsy clothes too. Those Texas gals wear them and look great!

    I love the richness of your Grandmother's bedspread and the pillows go wonderful with it.


  6. Pamela- I am a gypsy at heart too! I love that bed covering - it is beautiful and how wonderful to have had it passed on to you. I had NOT seen that travel trailer before and don't know how I missed it in Romantic Homes. I will pop over and check that out. From one gypsy soul to another- Have a wonderful Friday- Hugs- Diana

  7. Her motor home is beautiful. I love all the details. Even the ceiling light is ornate. I think it is so sweet that you have your Grandmother's bedspread. Naked babies and all!

  8. I can so relate ~ I have a bit of the gypsy spirit too!!

    Lots of love and a hug for Sam,
    Susan and Bentley

  9. seeing as how I'm avoiding ALL THINGS HOUSEWORK today anyway (me so tired--it's friday), I am looking forward to googling her!

  10. I like Magnolia Pearl also I found her about 4 years ago when she first started making her large bags and they were $750.00 !!!!I thought what in the world !!!however she sold everyone and has made lots more She's The Bomb!!!!Or the old saying Far Out So Cool

    It is wonderful you have a piece of your grandmothers to lay baby naked on LOL enjoy


  11. testing my comment button here...

  12. I agree the colors are louder than I would like, but the novelty and uniqueness of the fabric is marvelous. I love that pillow! It is a fun change up to put the spread on every now and then I would imagine! You need one of those mosquito nets hanging over the bed when you have this spread.

  13. Hello dear Pamela.....what a treasure you have in that spread...!!!



  14. I love having things that have been passed down to me from the family. Lucky you to have the bedspread you remember rolling round naked on as a child. Lucky find with the cushion - so pretty.

  15. Pamela, that is gorgeous. Oh how I would love a piece like that. Italy has such great bedding.

  16. I'm also a huge fan of Magnolia's work.

    -Zane of ontario honey


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo