Saturday, January 15, 2011

A new lamp changes everything

After taking down the Christmas tree the window nook in our living room was
completely barren. Just before Christmas I bought two french style lamps at the
local thrift store!
They are so pretty and have a real french look to them.
I couldn't wait to display them but the only problem was they had no shades.
Luckily i have had this beautiful silk shade for some time now. I wish I had two
but one is better than none. It fit the lamp perfectly.

Here is a close up of the base of the lamp....

The shade was also a real steal! It is pure silk and was originally $120 but marked down
to $30. I just love HomeSense!

So the empty window nook is no longer empty...

I have a vast selection of decor books and I am loving the new book
The French Inspired Home...check it out! The photos are pure eye candy.

A very old photo of my Italian grandpa...I love this photo of him!

It never ceases to amaze me the great things you can find at your local
thrift store.

Wishing you all a wonderful creative weekend!
Pamela xo


  1. Pamela, that lamp is magnificent. What a perfect shade for it. How lucky are you, girl. I have that book, too and love looking through it.

  2. What a beuatiful vignette! The lamp is scrumptious and the shade is prefection!

  3. Pamela, I think the photos of your home are pure eye candy! That lamp is gorgeous! I love the french inspired decorating, and you have the perfect home for it. That photo of your Grandpa with the sheet music is so perfectly composed. Awesome post my friend!

  4. I'm in love with that lamp and it is definitely ooh la la! Looks perfect in front of the window.


  5. What a beautiful lamp you found and the shade is perfect. I hope you can find a shade for your other lamp :-) Your "table" looks very nice there. Pretty vignette. Blessings to you.

  6. Pamela...what a perfect shade for that lamp base..I love it. Your window & table look beautiful. And, your granddad was a handsome he turned a head or two in his day. Hugs- Diana

  7. That is a great lamp, and if you get tired of it being a lamp, it would make a great statue. I did that with one of my lamps that had the cord cut but I liked the body of the lamp.

  8. Pam, that lamp is so freaking fun, it immediately makes me want to go out and buy one like it. Love the pic of your grandfather as well--do you have other pictures like that?

  9. Oh, Pamela! The lamp is just gorgeous and the shade goes perfectly with it. What a great deal, too.

    I have really been wanting that's next on my list!


  10. Pamela ~ as your new follower I have to say the lamp is wonderful! Isn't it amazing what a trip to the thrift store holds ~ amazing treasures. The window looks just lovely

  11. Hi Pamela, I found you at Vintage Gals blog and I'm so glad I did. I love your style. Keep on thrifting!
    One of my sons was born in St. Catherines in February, and I always loved the falls in Winter. So beautiful. Rainbows freeze right in the mist and cling to anything. My second son has moved to BC, and I miss him but he loves it there.

  12. Gorgeous lamp. It is amazing what you can find in the thrift stores. And I love your ironing board table. Too cute!

  13. I absolutely adore this lamp!! It is so lovely! What a fabulous find! The silk shade is perfect! I just adore your romantic style! Angie xo

  14. How does Wednesday this week me.

  15. I just love your French lamp, and that shade looks like it was just made for it... and such a lovely vignette!!! Hope you have a wonderful week.
    Blessings~~ Daphne

  16. I love the lamp and the shade and you have made a perfect vignette!


  17. Hi Pamela, I posted today about a lamp I bought at the local Goodwill store. Nothing as beautiful as yours, which is perfect in your oh so romantic home. Love, Penny

  18. Hi Pamela! I need to move to your town ~ that lamp is so pretty and to think that it is a thrift store find. I have never found anything as nice in any thrift shops here. I also want to thank you for all of your kind comments and your show of support. It's been a stressful and disappointing couple of days for me. I really don't like the cutthroat tactics some bloggers use to get more followers. I also refuse to visit blogs where the blogger copies other bloggers and calls it their own ~ especially if they are receiving money from advertisers.

    Love to you and Sam too,
    Susan and Bentley

  19. .............a great thrift shop find, it's gorgeous! Will you be selling the second one by chance? Perfect shade for it - know you are loving it light up these Winter evenings.

    Hugs - Mary


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo