Thursday, January 27, 2011

Sending you all some green!

After visiting so many blogs across the States and hearing from friends back
home here in Canada it seems you all could use some green! Every one is struggling
with the January has been a very cold winter with lots of snow.
Here on the South Coast of Vancouver Island it is green , green and more green!
I thought I would send you all some mild temperatures and lots of green!

On my hike up Maple Mountain I took some photos. Moss grows like crazy here.
It just seems to be all over the place. Some homes have their roofs covered in it.

But I love the look of moss on the trees...
It gives it that enchanted story book look doesn't it?
It's great how they have all the different trails here marked...
so you hopefully won't get lost.

This is my second winter here and all I can say is winter here is a breeze!
Today was around plus 9 and sunny! Unbelievable. I am so not used to
this mild winter. It's a joke actually.

There are so many interesting things to see on the mountain like this old
tree stump. I love the way it looks like a piece of art...

From this view I can hear the seals barking on a warm day! When I first heard
them I thought they were dogs!! I mean for me to see marine life meant having to
visit Marine Land!! Where I come from the only wild life is coyotes , fox , raccoon, deer
not Marine mammals! Actually I can hear the seals when I am on my front porch!

For fun I thought I would throw in a beautiful photo of Cowichan Bay!

Stay warm everyone ...spring will be here before you know it
and then you'll all be complaining about the HEAT!!!
Pamela xo


  1. Oh Pamela, thanks for sharing some green to us who see nothing but white right now! Beautiful photos of Vancouver Island. And to think you can hear the seals from your home. How wonderful. We hear the coyotes here LOL. February is just days away and spring will soon be here. But I never complain of the heat 'cause I love it so much. Have a blessed weekend. Pamela

  2. Pamela, what a beautiful place to live. Thanks for sharing these photos. We are getting warmer the next few days. Finally.

  3. Oh I am so "green" with envy! hee hee. :-) Your photos are lovely, especially the one of the bay. I love the look of the moss pretty, thanks for sharing these!

  4. I agree, we can hardly call this winter. It's hard to imagine what the folks in the rest of Canada are going through. Meanwhile, I'm enjoying the green, and your photos show off your beautiful part of the world.

  5. Ohhh such lovely pictures and look at the water ~ it's not frozen ;-) Ahhhhh

  6. Pamela- I always think of you as being in the "wilds"...but oh...such beautiful wilds you have landed in! I can't imagine hearing seals barking. That moss is spectacular..I have always loved it on trees. Thanks for the beautiful pics- xxoo Diana

  7. You really do live in an ideal spot! I enjoyed our hike {the closest I will get to a hike!!}. The moss on the trees seems right out of a fairy tale and how I would love mild winters! I am hoping for some sunshine today!

    Thanks for the gorgeous pictures!


  8. Hi Pamela! I love seeing pics of your area. I think it is one of the most beautiful spots on this earth. I wish I was on a hike with you and could enjoy it in person and listen to the seals "bark" too!!

    Lots of love and a hug for Sam,
    Susan and Bentley

  9. I loved laying in bed at night and listening to the seals bark..I never went up Maple Mountain...we just went on the trails off Osbourne Bay Rd....the neighbor told the kids there were bears up there so they were too frightened to go...

    I love your tree stump picture it turned out like your friends photography. Well done.

  10. I have to tell you sweet friend. I live in AZ, and although we have beautiful winters, without any snow. Our summers are hot enough to fry eggs on the sidewalk. I don't know which is the more uncomfortable.



  11. What a beautiful area you live in Pamela! Gorgeous pictures! Love the moss and the boats in the harbor. You definitely will not be hearing me complain about the heat - not even in August!

    I hope you have a great weekend!

    ~ Tracy

  12. Hi Pamela, what absolutely beautiful pictures... oh, how I love the moss like that! I don't do much complaining about the cold weather, because it really gets hot in Texas in the summer... but I will say we had one of the most beautiful weather days today anyone could ever hope for, it was perfect! Thanks for sharing your beautiful pictures with us!!!
    hugs~~ Daphne

  13. You are bringing back warm memories for me! I loved living on Vancouver Island. Just think February is flower count in Victoria! Lovely pictures Pamela!! :)

  14. loved the pictures Pam--I definitely needed that!

  15. Hi Pamela, Another snowstorm is on it's way...It will be a while till we see green here in the Midwest! Lovely photos! Love, Penny

  16. The scenery there is wonderful. I had no idea it was so green still. It always confuses me that you would be north of Ohio, yet have milder weather. May have to Google what causes that!

  17. Thank you for the green. I haven't seen green in so long. Spring seems so far away.

  18. What gorgeous pictures Pamela! You live in such a beautiful place!! Thanks so much for sharing some green with did a lovely job!! Angie xo


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo