Wednesday, April 14, 2010

To Paint or not to paint...that is the question

To paint or not to paint is the question i am asking all my dear creative blogging friends. Please disregard the rooms in these pictures. This is only our very temporary rental which we will be moving from in two weeks time. These pieces i have had for quite awhile and i have been toying with the idea of painting them. I want your opinion and ideas. This china cabinet is a little worn around the edges and i have tacked material inside because the interior was not in the best shape. I am considering a french blue grey for the colour...what do you think? This corner cabinet is solid maple and this photo does not do it justice. I was thinking of a dry paint finish in creamy white. Oh and that black chair? That is being painted creamy white it will then match my toile chairs. Like i said don't look at the room it is not the most attractive here. My husband and son both hate me posting pictures from our son keeps saying 'mom no one wants to see this ugly place!" He's ten and already has an appreciation for good design. Just like mommy!

Now this piece is very old pine. It is completely solid inside i use it as my pantry cupboard. My thoughts on this piece was in the white tones. Or should i let it be?

My last piece is this beautiful old french style bed that my son is using. The wood grain on the head board is very nice but the foot board (no picture) has elegant legs but the wood is very worn in spots. husband is in favour of painting this piece. I'm nervous on this one but i know in a creamy white the scroll work would really stand out.

Let me know your thoughts and ideas on all my pieces !
Thank you so much dear friends...Pamela xo


  1. You've got some great pieces to work with! I especially love the bed!! I think painting the cabinets would really brighten up the space. That top hutch painted would really show off your red transferware. Which looks like Meakin or Royal Staffordshire Jenny Lind....beautiful collection!

    The only one I would give pause to painting is the bed, but if the wood has problems I'd say it's fair game too!

    However, I may not be a good source....I will paint most anything, except the really pure "hard to find" antiques. Wouldn't paint those for anything!

    Have fun....hope you share it with us!

  2. I would not paint the pantry cupboard - the head board would be pretty but for Sam's sake...would not paint it :)
    the cabinets are tough to decide ...but I think I would.
    good luck!

  3. It is such a hard decision, isn't it, as there is not going back. I think the headboard would look a bit feminine if you painted it white, so that one I would leave. I also think your old pine cupboard looks great as it is. I guess, for me, unless the wood is in bad shape I can't bring myself to paint over it. A part of me wonders if all this painted wood furniture is a bit of a trend and we will look back and be aghast at how we treated perfectly good wood furniture. That being said, I know I would love all of those pieces painted as well. Wasn't I so not helpful!

  4. I really think the corner cupboard should be painted. Not the bed, for a boy no, just leave it. Is white what the french do????

  5. Painting furniture is always a tough decision. My rule of thumb is, if the piece has antique value then decide if you plan to keep the piece, or might you choose to sell it one day. Often if the piece has a reasonable antique value, painting it may reduce that value. Both hutches would look very pretty painted a creamy white. I love that headboard, but it is a bit feminine. What I would do is to paint it either a navy or a red to compliment his quilt and give it a more masculine look. Not white though, which would be so charming for a little girl, not so much for a boy. Or, leave the headboard alone and paint the night stand navy. Just a thought. I will be anxious to know what you decide. Have a great weekend!!

    Susan and Bentley

  6. I really like the idea of a blue grey, would give it a very Jeanne d'Arc Living feel. :-)

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. Hi Pamela! well I love white interiors and white forniture, so I would say: YES, paint them all!!! So you will create a warm nodic atmosphere, very Jeanne d'Arc Living!!!!
    Have a wonderful Sunday!!!

  8. You mentioned in an email that you were considering painting a pine cupboard. I looked at each piece. I will almost paint anything. You can think of it this way, no paint is not permanent but it is quite a hassel to get the paint off.

    Looking at each piece, the china cabinet. White would definately make the china pop. I have a secretary that looks almost the same and I love it in white.
    The corner cabinet has beautiful wood, this is the one I would probably have the hardes time painting, but I would probably start with the inside and paint that white, then you still have the wood but the accessories inside would stand out.
    The pantry, I am partial to old pine, I have not painted mine but they are really old with square nails. So I am going to bow out on advising on this one.
    The bed, I think you are right the white paint would definately make the scroll work stand out. Question is, is your son going to sleep in it forever or just temporary and you are going to put it in a different room when you move. If your son is going to have it for long term how about a different color, black is sharp or maybe red, have fun with it.
    Remember, once you have painted something it is always easier to paint over the paint. Don't like white, tomorrow it is gray. If you love the piece then you can do what you want with it. If you buy for possible resale then most times you do want to leave it alone. I hope this helps alittle. If you do paint take lots of pictures, we White paint lovers, want to see the end result.


I love love reading all your comments!! They mean so much to me...thank you..Pamela xo